2020. január 18., szombat
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Zenith - A Windtech új XC szárnya Nyomtatás E-mail

We introduce our latest creation, the Royal Vessel in our brand for the new season. The Zenith is a Sport intermediate wing rated EN B for the ambitious XC pilots searching for glide and speed without compromising safety.

It replaces the
Tecno but maintains the same famous handling and stability in accelerated flight meanwhile the glide and speed is simple amazing for its class.

We firmly believe this is the most cutting edge cross country Sport wing in the market many pilots will be attracted to fly it in spite of the high performance of this wing. You will find a lot of confidence due to the massive passive safety and extra comfort in flight.

Many new features are reveled here: 3 risers, a record in line consumption, a high arch giving more pressure and tuck resistance, trapezoidal leading edge entries and AR of 6 with a new profile to enhance an accurate handling to get the most out of weak days and poor thermals.

For sure you will be at the bubble's peak when flying a Zenith from Windtech.